13 Best At-Home Hair Color Tips

Hair coloring is not so uncommon with people. In fact, most of us have already tried dyeing our hair in our homes with and without much success. Basically, there are people who seem to just have the talent for mixing dyes and applying them on hair strands, whereas some will be better off if they do not work in salons. In a number of cases, a person might have just up and dyed his hair with specific color without thinking. With regard to this, some people are lucky enough to accomplish a hair shade that is to their liking. Meanwhile, in other instances, the color comes off as something that we do not want to happen with our own mane.

Thus, when dyeing hair, it is important that people have an idea of what they are actually doing. In this matter, people may ask experts or probably some of their friends who are more talented than them when it comes to hair coloring. Reading magazines or anything that can provide helpful information is another. Likewise, people should know some important facts about the art of hair coloring.

  • 44% of women are more likely to surrender wine drinking for a year if they could just have beautifully colored hair for the same period of time. Logically, it seems that having a nice color on hair is quite a big deal for women.
  • As reported by Schwarzkopf, women’s hair start to gray at the age of 35. Normally, when the first few strands of gray hair start peeking, women are tempted to grab their tweezers and pluck one of the first indicators of their age. However, people should know that there are better ways of handling their gray hair.
  • After dyeing their hair, people should at least let two days pass before they shampoo their scalps. When hair dyeing, people are advised to let their hair accumulate some grease first to protect their hair from harmful chemicals from the dyes through their naturally accumulated hair grease. The same goes for the scalp.
  • L’Oréal Superior Preference sells 57,000 boxes each day. That’s quite a bit number given that it nearly equals the population of England.
  • Clairol’s MyShade app ask people four questions. This app is perfect for people who do not have the slightest idea regarding the hair coloring products that they should buy for their hair. The app is very specific when determining people’s level of hair graying, their natural hair color, the last shade that people used to color their hair, and the thing that causes them so much concern.
  • In 1973, a box of L’Oreal Superior Preference cost $2.75. During that period, the product was considered the most expensive hair coloring product on the market. This fact only tells that people trusts the product despite its price.
  • For hair dyes that will be used at home, people should buy two shades for just one session. The extra hair color should be one level lighter than a person’s usual, and this dye should be applied around the hairline. Though most may not be aware of this, hairs around the hairline are finer than the bulk covering the heard. Thus, these hairs are more susceptible to absorbing hair dye and thus will appear darker after dyeing and rinsing. Thus, using a one-shade-lighter dye ensures that color around the hairline is even with those in the remaining parts of the head.
  • One in three women has already experienced buying multiple boxes of L’Oréal Superior Preference. It seems that a number of women wanted to make sure that they get their preferred hair shades right.
  • Scalps should be scrubbed once a week. At home, people will always have the tendency to incompletely rinse their just like how professional does when they are in a salon. In this regard, some residues are bound to remain in their hair. These residues may then accumulate and cause scalp itching. Thus, people should try washing their hair with salt scrub products, such as Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt to remove residues but leave their dyed hair untarnished.
  • L’Oreal started adding tamper-free seals to their boxes in 1990s. During that time, women became desperate with having the conditioner that comes with each Preference Hair Color Kit that stealing them became a common practice. Thus, to resolve the issue, L’Oréal began using tamper seal to each of their products.
  • When spreading hair color to hair ends, people should wait for a minute after application. This results in slightly lighter shade which adds a more natural and modern look to the hair. Basically, this step is very similar when shading hairs ombre.
  • DIY hair gloss should be allowed to remain in the hair for five minutes. Thus, people should wait a while before they start throwing in the trash their unused hair color products. They must wait first until their hair strand start looking dull and faded. After observing for these indicators, people may use conditioner on their hair and apply hair color mixture. After standing, the hair may then be shampooed and conditioned. This step can help in returning the natural gloss and vibrancy of hair color and extending its lifespan.