4 Effective Remedies For Acne

One common problem of young and older people alike is the presence of blackheads on the skin. To define, blackheads result from clogging of pores with excess sebum or the oil secreted by sebaceous glands along with dead skin cells and dirt.

Before people can address their blackheads, they should be aware of some things that they should not do about it. First, people should not try to scrub off their blackheads from their skin. This can only result in irritating the skin and causing inflammation. Their blackhead problem may also worsen because of this practice. Moreover, people should take care not to wash their faces with strong acne washes or scrubs because these products will only dry their skin in the end, and as a result, their skin will produce more oil, adding to their chances of developing more blackheads. Moreover, certain amount of oil is required in maintaining the skin. Meanwhile, too much dryness stimulates the skin to produce too much oil, which in turn cause development of acne and blackheads.


People can remedy their blackhead problem using various home remedies, seeking the help of medical professionals, and buying over-the-counter products. However, people should remember that these treatments can only accommodate certain skin types, and thus, they may be ineffective in treating their skin. In other cases, people have no choice but to try out different products before they can find the remedy that is perfect for their condition and skin type. Moreover, people should be consistent when treating their skin. They should not stop right away when they see the first signs of improvement on their skin.



Exfoliation is one method that people can use to minimize the development of blackheads. Some exfoliating tools include brushes, sponges, and cleansers, which can be used to unclog pores gently. People may also try using mixture of baking soda and water as skin scrub. This mixture serves as soft exfoliating cleansing paste that exfoliates skin in a gentle manner. Exfoliation is an important process that prevents clogging of pores and enables gentle emergence of blackheads by removing dead skin cells smoothly along with dirt. As a result, new skin cells are allowed to grow on skin surface. People can also prepare their own astringent and anti-bacterial solution by using apple cider vinegar on their pores.


People should try some facial masks containing clay or activated charcoal. These masks are effective in exfoliating, cleaning the pores, and absorbing excess oil from the skin. Though people are advised to use facial masks regularly, they should be careful not to use these products in excess to avoid causing irritation on the skin.  The main functions of facial masks are deep skin cleansing through removal of dirt, impurities, and bacteria. Masks are also effective in minimizing pores and in preventing them from being clogged.


Salicylic acid and glycolic acids usually come in the form of topical treatments, which are aimed at breaking down the oils that clog skin pores. Salicylic acids or peels made with such compound are used in bringing out blackheads to skin surfaces by dissolving impurities. These types of products must be used along with other products and tools, such as facial pads, cleansers, scrubs, or topical creams and lotions. Combinations of these treatments are more effective in preventing formation of blackheads and keeping the pores free of dirt. Meanwhile, glycolic acid is used in removing dead skin cells on skin. Thus, it is usually used with salicylic acids for maximum effect.


Retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A, and they are commonly used to unclog pores and inhibit blackhead formation. Normally, these products are prescribed, though some brands may be bought over-the-counter. People should just look for those that work well with their skin. Retinoids function in hastening turnover rate of skin cells. With this process, skin is exfoliated and healthier skin is exposed. As result, pores are prevented from being clogged. Due to the action of retinoids in shedding skin layers, acnes are also limited from breaking to a certain degree. Some people may experience peeling and redness when using retinoids. However, after a certain period, the skin will acclimatize, and retinoid users will notice how their skin becomes less sensitive to the chemicals. In this regard, people should just find out the right amount of retinoid that should be used with their skin.


Professional microdermabrasion treatments are more intensive methods of skin exfoliation. A machine is employed in this process, wherein skin is deeply and thoroughly scrubbed in order to remove the topmost layer. Microdermabrasion works by smoothing out skin through physical removal of skin layers composed of dead skin cells.

Meanwhile, chemical peels and professional extraction methods are meant for blackhead removal and prevention of their formation. After these procedure, skin is expected to appear much clearer. However, people are advised to consult their dermatologist first before booking for an appointment for such procedure. Different skin types have different sensitivities to these processes. Thus, those who will perform the treatment should know the right settings of machines for their clients. Precaution should be exercised to avoid causing too much abrasion on the skin. Not only is microderm abrasion great for a beautiful complexion but there are a ton of other things they do at Nashville skincare to make you look great.