6 Hair Tips for Picking The Best Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the remedies that short-haired people use when wanting to make their longer or style them for certain occasions without waiting their strands to reach a certain length. Not all extensions are the same. In fact, there are a number of choices that people can choose from. People are advised to consult their hairstylist in order to select the extensions that will perfectly fit their hair. Moreover, clients should inquire regarding the process of hair extension and some tips that can help them afterward.


Hair extensions may be made with natural human hair or synthetic materials. Human hair extensions are more preferred because they have longer lifetimes. In addition, it looks more natural with real hair. Meanwhile, when using synthetic hair, people are prevented from using equipment that utilize heat (for example blow-dryer or iron) or swim with their extensions still attached.


In Remy, human hair bundled to ensure that the roots and ends are oriented toward the correct direction. Hair extensions prepared using Remy are known for being tangle-free since cuticles are prevented from contacting each other. In addition, a number of people prefer Remy hair extensions because of the healthiness of the strands.


Hotheads hair extensions are made to create the illusion that they are real by placing them close to the head and not near the hairline. These hair extensions should be attached and oriented toward the natural direction of the hair to ensure that the flow is in accordance with those of real strands. In addition, people should not use any tool or heat-utilizing equipment when using seamless hair extensions to avoid incurring damage to their hair.


When choosing the hair extensions, most people make the mistake of selecting the wrong hair color. A number of hair extension manufacturers create products at using wide range of colors. This wide array of colors then help people in selecting the color that correctly matches their natural shade. Extensions with low-lights and highlights also enable people to add depth and tone to their mane without necessarily having to go to the salon just to have their hair treated.


Compared with natural hair, extensions are much easier to manage. To keep hair extensions healthy, people should brush these products regularly and do not forget to wear these things up at night. For cleaning, only high-quality products must be used. Moreover, when using hair extensions, people are not required to make any changes in their routine for hair maintenance. However, people should be careful not to sleep with wet hair.


Any damage on hair can be prevented or remedied by properly taking care of it. As soon as they are done with using hair extensions, people may feel a bit weird about the density of their hair. However, this sensation will eventually pass after some time. Meanwhile, people should still book appointments with their hairstylist to ensure that their hair are properly taken care of.