4 Effective Remedies For Acne

One common problem of young and older people alike is the presence of blackheads on the skin. To define, blackheads result from clogging of pores with excess sebum or the oil secreted by sebaceous glands along with dead skin cells and dirt.

Before people can address their blackheads, they should be aware of some things that they should not do about it. First, people should not try to scrub off their blackheads from their skin. This can only result in irritating the skin and causing inflammation. Their blackhead problem may also worsen because of this practice. Moreover, people should take care not to wash their faces with strong acne washes or scrubs because these products will only dry their skin in the end, and as a result, their skin will produce more oil, adding to their chances of developing more blackheads. Moreover, certain amount of oil is required in maintaining the skin. Meanwhile, too much dryness stimulates the skin to produce too much oil, which in turn cause development of acne and blackheads.


People can remedy their blackhead problem using various home remedies, seeking the help of medical professionals, and buying over-the-counter products. However, people should remember that these treatments can only accommodate certain skin types, and thus, they may be ineffective in treating their skin. In other cases, people have no choice but to try out different products before they can find the remedy that is perfect for their condition and skin type. Moreover, people should be consistent when treating their skin. They should not stop right away when they see the first signs of improvement on their skin.



Exfoliation is one method that people can use to minimize the development of blackheads. Some exfoliating tools include brushes, sponges, and cleansers, which can be used to unclog pores gently. People may also try using mixture of baking soda and water as skin scrub. This mixture serves as soft exfoliating cleansing paste that exfoliates skin in a gentle manner. Exfoliation is an important process that prevents clogging of pores and enables gentle emergence of blackheads by removing dead skin cells smoothly along with dirt. As a result, new skin cells are allowed to grow on skin surface. People can also prepare their own astringent and anti-bacterial solution by using apple cider vinegar on their pores.


People should try some facial masks containing clay or activated charcoal. These masks are effective in exfoliating, cleaning the pores, and absorbing excess oil from the skin. Though people are advised to use facial masks regularly, they should be careful not to use these products in excess to avoid causing irritation on the skin.  The main functions of facial masks are deep skin cleansing through removal of dirt, impurities, and bacteria. Masks are also effective in minimizing pores and in preventing them from being clogged.


Salicylic acid and glycolic acids usually come in the form of topical treatments, which are aimed at breaking down the oils that clog skin pores. Salicylic acids or peels made with such compound are used in bringing out blackheads to skin surfaces by dissolving impurities. These types of products must be used along with other products and tools, such as facial pads, cleansers, scrubs, or topical creams and lotions. Combinations of these treatments are more effective in preventing formation of blackheads and keeping the pores free of dirt. Meanwhile, glycolic acid is used in removing dead skin cells on skin. Thus, it is usually used with salicylic acids for maximum effect.


Retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A, and they are commonly used to unclog pores and inhibit blackhead formation. Normally, these products are prescribed, though some brands may be bought over-the-counter. People should just look for those that work well with their skin. Retinoids function in hastening turnover rate of skin cells. With this process, skin is exfoliated and healthier skin is exposed. As result, pores are prevented from being clogged. Due to the action of retinoids in shedding skin layers, acnes are also limited from breaking to a certain degree. Some people may experience peeling and redness when using retinoids. However, after a certain period, the skin will acclimatize, and retinoid users will notice how their skin becomes less sensitive to the chemicals. In this regard, people should just find out the right amount of retinoid that should be used with their skin.


Professional microdermabrasion treatments are more intensive methods of skin exfoliation. A machine is employed in this process, wherein skin is deeply and thoroughly scrubbed in order to remove the topmost layer. Microdermabrasion works by smoothing out skin through physical removal of skin layers composed of dead skin cells.

Meanwhile, chemical peels and professional extraction methods are meant for blackhead removal and prevention of their formation. After these procedure, skin is expected to appear much clearer. However, people are advised to consult their dermatologist first before booking for an appointment for such procedure. Different skin types have different sensitivities to these processes. Thus, those who will perform the treatment should know the right settings of machines for their clients. Precaution should be exercised to avoid causing too much abrasion on the skin. Not only is microderm abrasion great for a beautiful complexion but there are a ton of other things they do at Nashville skincare to make you look great.


13 Best At-Home Hair Color Tips

Hair coloring is not so uncommon with people. In fact, most of us have already tried dyeing our hair in our homes with and without much success. Basically, there are people who seem to just have the talent for mixing dyes and applying them on hair strands, whereas some will be better off if they do not work in salons. In a number of cases, a person might have just up and dyed his hair with specific color without thinking. With regard to this, some people are lucky enough to accomplish a hair shade that is to their liking. Meanwhile, in other instances, the color comes off as something that we do not want to happen with our own mane.

Thus, when dyeing hair, it is important that people have an idea of what they are actually doing. In this matter, people may ask experts or probably some of their friends who are more talented than them when it comes to hair coloring. Reading magazines or anything that can provide helpful information is another. Likewise, people should know some important facts about the art of hair coloring.

  • 44% of women are more likely to surrender wine drinking for a year if they could just have beautifully colored hair for the same period of time. Logically, it seems that having a nice color on hair is quite a big deal for women.
  • As reported by Schwarzkopf, women’s hair start to gray at the age of 35. Normally, when the first few strands of gray hair start peeking, women are tempted to grab their tweezers and pluck one of the first indicators of their age. However, people should know that there are better ways of handling their gray hair.
  • After dyeing their hair, people should at least let two days pass before they shampoo their scalps. When hair dyeing, people are advised to let their hair accumulate some grease first to protect their hair from harmful chemicals from the dyes through their naturally accumulated hair grease. The same goes for the scalp.
  • L’Oréal Superior Preference sells 57,000 boxes each day. That’s quite a bit number given that it nearly equals the population of England.
  • Clairol’s MyShade app ask people four questions. This app is perfect for people who do not have the slightest idea regarding the hair coloring products that they should buy for their hair. The app is very specific when determining people’s level of hair graying, their natural hair color, the last shade that people used to color their hair, and the thing that causes them so much concern.
  • In 1973, a box of L’Oreal Superior Preference cost $2.75. During that period, the product was considered the most expensive hair coloring product on the market. This fact only tells that people trusts the product despite its price.
  • For hair dyes that will be used at home, people should buy two shades for just one session. The extra hair color should be one level lighter than a person’s usual, and this dye should be applied around the hairline. Though most may not be aware of this, hairs around the hairline are finer than the bulk covering the heard. Thus, these hairs are more susceptible to absorbing hair dye and thus will appear darker after dyeing and rinsing. Thus, using a one-shade-lighter dye ensures that color around the hairline is even with those in the remaining parts of the head.
  • One in three women has already experienced buying multiple boxes of L’Oréal Superior Preference. It seems that a number of women wanted to make sure that they get their preferred hair shades right.
  • Scalps should be scrubbed once a week. At home, people will always have the tendency to incompletely rinse their just like how professional does when they are in a salon. In this regard, some residues are bound to remain in their hair. These residues may then accumulate and cause scalp itching. Thus, people should try washing their hair with salt scrub products, such as Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt to remove residues but leave their dyed hair untarnished.
  • L’Oreal started adding tamper-free seals to their boxes in 1990s. During that time, women became desperate with having the conditioner that comes with each Preference Hair Color Kit that stealing them became a common practice. Thus, to resolve the issue, L’Oréal began using tamper seal to each of their products.
  • When spreading hair color to hair ends, people should wait for a minute after application. This results in slightly lighter shade which adds a more natural and modern look to the hair. Basically, this step is very similar when shading hairs ombre.
  • DIY hair gloss should be allowed to remain in the hair for five minutes. Thus, people should wait a while before they start throwing in the trash their unused hair color products. They must wait first until their hair strand start looking dull and faded. After observing for these indicators, people may use conditioner on their hair and apply hair color mixture. After standing, the hair may then be shampooed and conditioned. This step can help in returning the natural gloss and vibrancy of hair color and extending its lifespan.

The Return Of The 80’s Perm!

With various development in hair styling, it seems that some previously famous styles are making their return. In fact, some salon owners recently experienced having customers asked for a perm. And the salon personnel were left with their jaws almost hanging. Such reaction is not surprising since perm has been absent from salon services for a while now.

As a result, salon owners realized that perms may become popular again in the coming years, and they have decided to start offering such services after 2016.

Interest in perms was sparked by people to have voluminous and texture hair. However, this style is still quite different from the tight and highly treated curls that were very famous during the 1980s and 1990s.

At present, texture is the primary goal of people when having their hair permed. People nowadays aim to add more texture to their hair, and notably, not everyone is born with naturally textured strands. In this modern period, modern wavy hair style is more focused on hair movement and gives less importance on tight curls.

In addition, there have been some developments regarding solutions that are used in perming. Such products are now gentler and do not use much ammonia, which tends to damage and dry the hair. Meanwhile, there are stylists who prefer to make waves using larger rods. Moreover, according to some experienced stylists, perming is not really that unhealthy for the hair. However, to achieve the most optimum results people should focus on properly caring for their hair before and after treatment.

Any chemicals that are used on their hair are bound to lead some drastic results. However, hair damages caused by perming can be minimize by conditioning and cleaning the hair properly. Notably, women, who are common perm customers, feel that their hair are more natural after perming when treatment is partnered with proper care and cleansing practices.

Some perm experts claim that a number of women come to them to achieve wavy looks for their hair, though this practice may also be used in acquiring different hair styles. For instance, some customers may like having beachy waves, afros, or super curly hairs.

On the other hand, owing to negative reputation of perming from before, some salons have opted to rebrand the treatment. Some hair care facilities now call perm as American Wave, and the services includes using ammonia-free techniques. “Body wave” and “modern wave” are also popular terms used to denote perming services.

In some cases, women realized that perming results do not last that long, and thus, salons are currently looking for more permanent means for achieving results of perming, especially when a number of Hollywood stars always have permed hair styles when they walk the red carpet.

For some years now, people are aiming for modern beach wave look, which is obtained usually using wide-barrel curling iron or specific brush and blow-dry techniques. And as this style became more popular, women started thinking that their must look like that multiple times.

Still, though perm is currently starting to make waves again, some people think that this trend will not continue in the long run. As other hair stylists claim, such service requires long-term commitment and is bound to cause structural changes in the hair. In return, these stylists prefer looking for alternative methods for adding volume and curling hair. These methods include some shampooing techniques, using curling wands, blow-dry methods.

Still, the fate of perm remains unclear. Whether such hairstyle will stick around is still to be seen in the coming years.


Check out our expert ideas for helping your hair grow, shine, and stay healthy before your big day.

During weddings, most brides would want their hair to have long and flowing locks. Normally, they would resort to adding extensions to their hair to achieve their wedding-day hair goals. However, if they are patient enough, brides-to-be have still some options that they can try for growing their hair and hastening hair growth accordingly. Hair experts also provide some notable tips, which are aimed at making the hair grow, shinier, and healthier just in time for the wedding.


People follow certain styling practices that are bound to damage hair later on. Some things that can damage the hair include heat, misuse or selecting wrong hair products, wearing tight ponytails, using too much hair products, and exposing the hair to too much sunlight. As a result, people find it hard to grow and maintain the healthiness of their hair. To achieve long and flowy hair for a wedding, brides should avoid using too much hair product or using equipment that utilize hear. Moreover, they should carefully select the products, such as shampoo and conditioner, that they know they will be using everyday. When buying such products, they are advised to purchase those that contain less ingredients.


To be healthy, people should eat the right kinds of food and especially avoid those that have high levels of salts and sugars. This way, people will also be helping their hair to grow healthily. State of the skin is reflection of the kind of foods that a person eats. Thus, healthy hair can only be achieved by eating right. Before the wedding, brides-to-be should ensure that they provide their bodies with the necessary vitamins and minerals through the different foods that they ingest.


Hair is one part of the body that requires proper care, especially before and after the wedding. People may choose from hair various treatment, but they must be careful regarding their final choice. It is recommended to check the ingredients of treatment products that will be used on hair. Some hair products that are known for promoting hair growth include coconut milk, eggs, or fish oil. Meanwhile, hot oil is perfect for treating hair shafts to strengthen and reconstruct damaged strands. These products should be applied while massaging the scalp to let the hair grow beautifully.


Brushing is done to tame and detangle the hair. Moreover, it helps in properly distributing hair oils. As a matter of fact, brushing is more effective in cleaning the hair than shampooing. Likewise, scalp stimulation, which is brought about by brushing, results in increased circulation and aids in properly delivering nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the hair. In return, chances of hair growth are notably increased. On the other hand, people should be very careful when brushing their hair to avoid causing damage, thinning, and damage curls.


People spend considerable amount of time lying in bed during sleep. Normally, people use cotton pillows for sleeping. However, such materials may cause damage on the hair. Beauty experts recommend using silk or sating pillowcases to properly care for both the face and hair when lying in bed. The softness and silkiness of such products help in preventing breakage, static, and damaging hair knots.


This may seem to contradict a person’s aim to grow the hair, but trimming is an important affecting hair growth. Trimming removes dead ends from the hair and aids in eliminating breakage and flyaways. Moreover, cutting the hair a bit aids in improving texture of the hair. As a result, given that breakage is prevented and healthy ends are maintained, hair growth is promoted more.

Afraid To Cut Your Hair? 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be.

There are various hairstyles out there that most people have not tried yet. More often than not, people are afraid to try out new style because they are afraid that their hair will not grow back afterward. However, there are some important things that people should learn about cutting the hair aside from the fact that it eventually grows back.


People have heard it a number of times already, but hair does really grow back. After cutting, hair grows back after a certain period. For those who worry that their hair will not growth at their expected rate, there are a number of ways that are focused on promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.


In the salon, people more excited as they see their cut hair fall on the floor. Though the experience may sometimes be also terrifying, people become more confident as they realize that they are capable of cutting their hair short.


Admittedly, people recognize the fact that their usual hairstyle that tends to become boring to look at over time. In such cases, people should really consider getting out of their comfort zone and proceed with cutting their hair. Cutting the hair can be a horrifying experience, especially for first-timers. However, people should try that is not within their comfort zone. They may start with adding bangs, then cutting large portion of their hair after they have become accustomed with having a different hairstyle. Not long after their first cut, people will feel more excited and less terrified about cutting chunks of their hair.


In reality, people are afraid of what their peers might say to them when they cut their hair. However, they should remember that it is their hair, and their hairstyle is not the only thing that can define their personality. In return, their family and friends should just accept whatever decision they make regarding their hair.


For people who are willing to take risks and try out new things, they are expected to become more welcoming with having new hairstyle. However, people will never know which hairstyle fits their personality unless they try cutting their hair.


Aside from the opinion of other people, a number of individuals are afraid of what their partners will say to them after getting a haircut. However, this should not be a problem if their loved ones do really care for them. First and foremost, family, friends, and romantic partners should be the first persons to be accepting of any decision that an individual makes, especially when it is aimed at betterment of his personality.


Though people may feel good with their current hairstyle, after some time, it tends to look stringy and thinner in the ends, especially when it has become too long. In fact, there are people who cut their hair because they become disgusted with it and just did not feel well with its length anymore.


It is a given fact that shorter hair may be harder to fix and style, especially when people are aware that numerous styles can be tried on longer strands. However, such small problem can be resolved by selecting a competitive hairstylist who can teach people a thing or two about managing their hair. A good stylist will ensure that a style makes a person more comfortable given his life and work conditions and will teach the client on how to properly style or manage his hair without constantly going to the salon.


For first timers and some individuals who are really not used to it, a significantly shorter hair may prove to be too much but only for the first week or so. However, as time goes, a person will eventually learn to love his new do. Meanwhile, after a sometime, and a person realizes that he does not like his hairstyle, then he must go to his stylist and ask for a fix for his hair. And since hairstylists aim to satisfy customers, then they must be willing to have another go at styling their clients should the need arise.


Aside from clothes, hairstyle is another thing that can make a person feel sexy. However, it is very important that people are comfortable with their look and are very confident in wearing it.

6 Hair Tips for Picking The Best Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the remedies that short-haired people use when wanting to make their longer or style them for certain occasions without waiting their strands to reach a certain length. Not all extensions are the same. In fact, there are a number of choices that people can choose from. People are advised to consult their hairstylist in order to select the extensions that will perfectly fit their hair. Moreover, clients should inquire regarding the process of hair extension and some tips that can help them afterward.


Hair extensions may be made with natural human hair or synthetic materials. Human hair extensions are more preferred because they have longer lifetimes. In addition, it looks more natural with real hair. Meanwhile, when using synthetic hair, people are prevented from using equipment that utilize heat (for example blow-dryer or iron) or swim with their extensions still attached.


In Remy, human hair bundled to ensure that the roots and ends are oriented toward the correct direction. Hair extensions prepared using Remy are known for being tangle-free since cuticles are prevented from contacting each other. In addition, a number of people prefer Remy hair extensions because of the healthiness of the strands.


Hotheads hair extensions are made to create the illusion that they are real by placing them close to the head and not near the hairline. These hair extensions should be attached and oriented toward the natural direction of the hair to ensure that the flow is in accordance with those of real strands. In addition, people should not use any tool or heat-utilizing equipment when using seamless hair extensions to avoid incurring damage to their hair.


When choosing the hair extensions, most people make the mistake of selecting the wrong hair color. A number of hair extension manufacturers create products at using wide range of colors. This wide array of colors then help people in selecting the color that correctly matches their natural shade. Extensions with low-lights and highlights also enable people to add depth and tone to their mane without necessarily having to go to the salon just to have their hair treated.


Compared with natural hair, extensions are much easier to manage. To keep hair extensions healthy, people should brush these products regularly and do not forget to wear these things up at night. For cleaning, only high-quality products must be used. Moreover, when using hair extensions, people are not required to make any changes in their routine for hair maintenance. However, people should be careful not to sleep with wet hair.


Any damage on hair can be prevented or remedied by properly taking care of it. As soon as they are done with using hair extensions, people may feel a bit weird about the density of their hair. However, this sensation will eventually pass after some time. Meanwhile, people should still book appointments with their hairstylist to ensure that their hair are properly taken care of.

7 Ways You Can Winterize Your Skincare Routine!

Skin care products are normally formulated to cater for different skin types, including dry, oily, or combination of both. However, using this scheme has its limits. For one, not all people only have dry, oil, or combined skin types. Moreover, skin conditions are not constant most of the time. In fact, condition of the face and thus its needs, may change depending on the season of the year. For example, the skin may be oily during summer but dry in winter season.

Thus, logically, using just one time of skin care product throughout the year is quite absurd. This follows the same principle when people wear different clothing depending on the time of the year. Therefore, what people should learn is to modify their skin care routine during winter to ensure that their skin are properly taken care of no matter what season of the year it is.


Words, including “hydrating,” “nourishing,” or “moisturizing” are indicators that products, such as cleanser, moisturizer, or toner, can be used in winterizing the skin. Most of the time, creams are used in dry skin more than foams and gels, which are generally thicker. Moreover, more concentrated products are more effective in keeping skin hydrated.


Most people think that sera are just for older people because they are normally sold as anti-aging products. However, members of other age brackets may also use such products for extra protection and hydration. When using serum, people should buy those that also contain essential oils and use it between toner and moisturizer twice a day.


Most makeup removers, especially those that are bought over the counter, are alcohol-based. However, these products may cause drying of the skin. People should opt for products made from natural oils, such as olive or coconut. These oils can greatly help in removing makeup and making the skin healthier as well.


Acne treatments usually come with salicylic or glycolic acids, and these compounds function by drying out pimples on the skin. However, it is possible that skin also dries out during the process. As a result, the skin may peel and flake with excessive use of cleansers and ointments. Moreover, such products may also cause itching and scarring caused by acne. To treat acne more safely, individuals are advised to apply tea tree oil on their pimple with q-tips. In addition, they may consult their physician to identify underlying causes, including hormones, stress, and diet, of their acne.


To care for the lips, people may use lip balm in the morning, noon, and night, and lip exfoliator several times a week to remove dead skin cells on loops. One product that they should try it Bliss’s “Fabulips” Kit, which comes with cleanser, scrub, balm, and plumper.


People should realize that it is important to hydrate themselves even during winter. Hydration is not only good for the skin, it also benefits different systems of the body. Moreover, water aids in eliminating unwanted toxins from the body. Aesthetically, water maintains clarity of the skin and keeps it hydrated. In the morning and night, after washing their face, people are advised to also drink a glass of water. Then, they must ensure that they drink at least six glasses more everyday.


Normally, people only use moisturizing SPF products during summer. However, the skin must contain enough moisture throughout the year. Experts recommend using moisturizing products with SPF because they can be used as moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation simultaneously.


Dad Narrates Daughter’s Make Up Tutorial

Recently, videos of makeup tutorials became popular, especially in YouTube, which specializes in posting footages. However, not all videos attracted considerable number of viewers. Meanwhile, one video recently stood out and made waves in the internet world; this video featured a beauty vlogger who decided to let her dad do the narration for her video.

The viral success of the video was not surprising given how funny it was.

The YouTube channel was Meggs and Bacon, owned by a young lady named Megan. In the said video, she aimed to provide simple tutorial on achieving an “everyday” makeup look. However, instead of using her own voice to narrate the video, she opted to let her dad help her out. People who have already watched the video will have no trouble claiming how funny the video turned out to be.

In the video, Megan began her tutorial with application of the primer. Showing her preferred brand, which is E.L.F., her dad casually added that the product is made “from the sweat of elves.”

This trend continued throughout the whole video that lasted for three minutes. Megan’s dad did not fail to make hilarious comments about the beauty products that she used, he basically did not have any clue how those makeups are used. Then, when Megan brought her beauty blender, which is used for applying foundation, her dab aptly named the tool, “a little egg that’s squishy.” Next, he moved forward to describe the manner of dotting the base on whole face “dab, dab, dab.”

When it came to brushes, Megan’s dad noted that his daughter uses every expensive brushes. He then mentioned that he could use any brush though he would prefer the one his daughter his holding because it makes people look fancy. When Megan brought out the NARS concealer, her dad commented on about it being “the Pocahontas gel.” NARS concealer is used for adding more contour to the face, but Megan’s dad narrated it as “war paint.” The dad went further by describing that the lines Megan drew on her face stood for “health, wealth, and happiness.”

Beyond that point, the video only got funnier by the moment.

Megan next brought out her Too Faced highlighter. As her dad claimed, the product is for adding a bit more face to people who obviously lacks it.

Well, basically that’s not true, but people would not be able to stop themselves from laughing.

As for the brow gel, Megan’s dad claimed that Megan did not like hers so she’s making them darker, as shown in video. Megan’s dad freaked out a bit when he heard about the word “naked.” It turned out that Megan was just taking out her Naked eye-shadow palette. Then, he proceeded on narrating how Megan uses only a couple of colors in the palette because it is very expensive but casually mentioned in Megan’s persona not to tell her dad because buying the palette was such a waste.

A lot of people could relate to that since most of them really do use just some of shades in the palette.

Megan’s father also mentioned how Megan utilized blush and highlighter to show her cheekbones, which were already remarkable before makeup application.

The video concluded with the dad mentioning that the spray Megan was using was set to cool her off.

The video is outright funny, especially since Megan’s father was being creative in trying to make up for his lack of knowledge in cosmetics. People should check out Megan’s channel and watch the video.


Pros And Cons Of Your Favourite Hair Removal Methods

During summers, what people can mostly think of is when they should call for an appointment for waxing session. However, unbeknownst to a lot of individuals, there are other ways by which they can remove unwanted body hair just in time for the hot weather.

Though people have various options to remove unwanted hair from the body, each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Surprisingly, when compared with other hair removal methods, it seems that waxing has more disadvantages than advantages.


Waxing is normally used to remove extra hair on the brows and some facial hair. However, more and more people are preferring other methods as time goes by.

Likewise, people are discouraged from waxing unwanted hairs at home to avoid making a mess of themselves. Instead, they should just seek the help of professionals for their waxing needs. There are also some hygiene issues related to waxing. In relation to these, people should ensure that their therapist only use fresh stick when applying wax on their body to prevent double dipping and contamination.


With waxing, hair tends to regrow with smooth tapered end, and as a result, the hair feels smooth when touched. Waxing is also recommended for removing fine hairs that are not prone to ingrown.


Waxing process can be very painful given that a number of hairs are pulled from the skin at the same time. Moreover, some people are prone to suffering from irritation afterward. In some cases, other clients are sensitive and prone to having ingrown hairs.

The effectiveness of waxing lies on the amount of regrowth that will be removed. Thus, it is not recommended for people have less hair to remove.

Waxing also serves as stimulant to hair follicles in the body. As consequence, the new hair that will grow afterward may be thicker. With regard to this, some people experience having darker hair or lower bikini line because of waxing.


Laser is one of the more recent methods used in hair removal. In this procedure, laser is used to remove hairs starting from the root. Laser hair removal results in permanent hair reductions because it is aimed at destroying hair follicles in the body. However, when undergoing laser hair removal treatment, people should be careful regarding the facility that they choose.


Laser hair removal is perfect for those who want to remove their hair permanently or for those who have coarse/dark hair.

Before the treatment, a person should shave his hair. Some people may claim that the procedure is quite expensive, however, its long-term results are very notable.


Laser hair removal is not recommended for people with fine or fair hair. In addition, the treatment is more effective in pigmented hair, as the laser tracks the pigment in hair before it can reach hair roots. Laser hair removal is recommended during winter season, the time when skin is fair. The procedure should not be performed during summers because tanned skins are prone to laser burns and laser may be ineffective in correctly targeting hair follicles.

Given that it tracks pigments, tanned individuals are not allowed to undergo laser hair removal treatments.

Though generally characterized to be less painful when compared with waxing, some clients suffer from discomfort during the treatment.

On the other hand, laser hair removal may cause skin burns and cause permanent discoloration or scarring. In this regard, people are advised to consult a dermatologist first before subjecting their skin to lasers.


Nowadays, people can shave their hair using modern shaving tools, including those with flexible razor heads, moisture glide ribbons, multiple blades, and other modifications that are developed for various skin types.

These developments enable removal of hair that leaves the skin silky smooth and without any rashes, nicks, and cuts, which are usually incurred with traditional shaving tools.


Shaving is accomplished in no time, efficient, pain-free, and inexpensive. Moreover, hair follicles are safe from distortion because shaving only cuts the hair at skin surface. In return, skin is less prone to ingrowing hairs. Moreover, any individual can accomplish the task even at home.


Shaving is incapable of removing hairs starting from the roots. Thus, people may be forced to shave their hair every couple of days. For those who have fast growing hair, shaving is necessary everyday.

Growing hair may also form stubbles because of their blunt tips.

7 Nail Salon Etiquettes

An appointment to the nail spa should be an exhilarating experience for customers. Ideally. In addition, this meeting with the nail specialist can be accomplished solo or with groups of friends. However, given that customers and service providers are basically strangers, it cannot be helped that some conflict arises along the way. Such conflict, if not resolved, will not end well for both parties.

Certainly, customers expect to be given some respect by nail technicians. However, they should also give the courtesy of showing some respect for the people who are taking care of their nails. Though some customers tend to be authoritative when paying for services, they should still be polite when giving tips, requesting for additional nail services, or when having phone conversations in the middle of their nail appointment.

Thus, when going to salons or nail spas, clients must remember some important advice to avoid being such a hard-ass to their nail technicians during their next appointment.


Some people may think that talking to someone over the phone during nail appointments is rude. Thus, in such cases, clients are advised to take phone calls only when in cases of emergency. Phone conversations may prove to be quite disturbing, especially when a customer starts arguing with the person she’s talking to. In relation to this, increasing voice volume cannot be prevented.

Though it may not be that common, fights may also break out at nail salons, and no client would ever want to get involved in such conflict. Nail technicians are expected to ask what their customers want; thus, people should be pay attention when their nail specialist is saying something to them. In case of having to take a phone call, customers should inform nail technicians, and they are advised to hang up their mobiles phones before application of nail coat to avoid any smudging accident.


It is normal that people choose a nail color and end up not liking it. However, they should try to inform the nail technician as soon as possible to having all their nails redone. This also helps in preventing wasting time. After application of the first coat to their first nail, clients should assess whether they are really comfortable with their choses colon, or whether they want a do-over. In this case, it is much better if clients giving tips afterward to their technician, especially when they achieved the right color for their nails.


People are not discouraged from going to their nail appointment when they have a cold, but they should inform their nail technician before their session starts. Customers should also clean their hands first and keep a box of tissues nearby in case of runny nose. When coughing or sneezing, they are advised to cover their mouths or noses with their elbow to avoid spreading the cold virus.


There is really no rule regarding giving tips when a client is late for an appointment. However, when people feel like doing it, then nothing should stop them. On the other hand, clients may call the nail salon and inform their nail specialist that they will be late for their appointment. Meanwhile, if they are comfortable with it, they ask for another technician to accommodate them to avoid further hassling nail staff of the salon.


Tip serves as indicator of customer satisfaction. For most type of services provided in any business, standard tip is 20%. If customers are satisfied with the service given to them, then giving the appropriate tip should not hurt. Moreover, when buffing, nail technicians just work as hard when they are servicing clients with nail polish.


News have broken out regarding poor service of some nail salons. However, one thing remains certain. Mani-pedi services come with a steep price. Thus, customers should pay attention to what they really paying for. In nail salons, they should check whether the facility is clean and whether staff are communicating well and respectful to their customers. If they are dissatisfied, clients should not be afraid to inform the manager.

In case of services, clients should know whether the tools used on their nails are properly cleaned, and whether nail specialists are all licensed. There are only few regulations concerning service providers, such as nail salons, so customers are advised to check the credibility of their technicians to at least ensure that a professional will be taking care of their nails.


Since they are the ones receiving services, clients should be aware of what is being done to their nails, including removal of nail polish and related methods.

In summary, clients should not be too hard on their nail technicians, and being respectful is also something that they must reciprocate. Basically, they should avoid manifesting behaviors that they do not like seeing in other people.