Check out our expert ideas for helping your hair grow, shine, and stay healthy before your big day.

During weddings, most brides would want their hair to have long and flowing locks. Normally, they would resort to adding extensions to their hair to achieve their wedding-day hair goals. However, if they are patient enough, brides-to-be have still some options that they can try for growing their hair and hastening hair growth accordingly. Hair experts also provide some notable tips, which are aimed at making the hair grow, shinier, and healthier just in time for the wedding.


People follow certain styling practices that are bound to damage hair later on. Some things that can damage the hair include heat, misuse or selecting wrong hair products, wearing tight ponytails, using too much hair products, and exposing the hair to too much sunlight. As a result, people find it hard to grow and maintain the healthiness of their hair. To achieve long and flowy hair for a wedding, brides should avoid using too much hair product or using equipment that utilize hear. Moreover, they should carefully select the products, such as shampoo and conditioner, that they know they will be using everyday. When buying such products, they are advised to purchase those that contain less ingredients.


To be healthy, people should eat the right kinds of food and especially avoid those that have high levels of salts and sugars. This way, people will also be helping their hair to grow healthily. State of the skin is reflection of the kind of foods that a person eats. Thus, healthy hair can only be achieved by eating right. Before the wedding, brides-to-be should ensure that they provide their bodies with the necessary vitamins and minerals through the different foods that they ingest.


Hair is one part of the body that requires proper care, especially before and after the wedding. People may choose from hair various treatment, but they must be careful regarding their final choice. It is recommended to check the ingredients of treatment products that will be used on hair. Some hair products that are known for promoting hair growth include coconut milk, eggs, or fish oil. Meanwhile, hot oil is perfect for treating hair shafts to strengthen and reconstruct damaged strands. These products should be applied while massaging the scalp to let the hair grow beautifully.


Brushing is done to tame and detangle the hair. Moreover, it helps in properly distributing hair oils. As a matter of fact, brushing is more effective in cleaning the hair than shampooing. Likewise, scalp stimulation, which is brought about by brushing, results in increased circulation and aids in properly delivering nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the hair. In return, chances of hair growth are notably increased. On the other hand, people should be very careful when brushing their hair to avoid causing damage, thinning, and damage curls.


People spend considerable amount of time lying in bed during sleep. Normally, people use cotton pillows for sleeping. However, such materials may cause damage on the hair. Beauty experts recommend using silk or sating pillowcases to properly care for both the face and hair when lying in bed. The softness and silkiness of such products help in preventing breakage, static, and damaging hair knots.


This may seem to contradict a person’s aim to grow the hair, but trimming is an important affecting hair growth. Trimming removes dead ends from the hair and aids in eliminating breakage and flyaways. Moreover, cutting the hair a bit aids in improving texture of the hair. As a result, given that breakage is prevented and healthy ends are maintained, hair growth is promoted more.