Dad Narrates Daughter’s Make Up Tutorial

Recently, videos of makeup tutorials became popular, especially in YouTube, which specializes in posting footages. However, not all videos attracted considerable number of viewers. Meanwhile, one video recently stood out and made waves in the internet world; this video featured a beauty vlogger who decided to let her dad do the narration for her video.

The viral success of the video was not surprising given how funny it was.

The YouTube channel was Meggs and Bacon, owned by a young lady named Megan. In the said video, she aimed to provide simple tutorial on achieving an “everyday” makeup look. However, instead of using her own voice to narrate the video, she opted to let her dad help her out. People who have already watched the video will have no trouble claiming how funny the video turned out to be.

In the video, Megan began her tutorial with application of the primer. Showing her preferred brand, which is E.L.F., her dad casually added that the product is made “from the sweat of elves.”

This trend continued throughout the whole video that lasted for three minutes. Megan’s dad did not fail to make hilarious comments about the beauty products that she used, he basically did not have any clue how those makeups are used. Then, when Megan brought her beauty blender, which is used for applying foundation, her dab aptly named the tool, “a little egg that’s squishy.” Next, he moved forward to describe the manner of dotting the base on whole face “dab, dab, dab.”

When it came to brushes, Megan’s dad noted that his daughter uses every expensive brushes. He then mentioned that he could use any brush though he would prefer the one his daughter his holding because it makes people look fancy. When Megan brought out the NARS concealer, her dad commented on about it being “the Pocahontas gel.” NARS concealer is used for adding more contour to the face, but Megan’s dad narrated it as “war paint.” The dad went further by describing that the lines Megan drew on her face stood for “health, wealth, and happiness.”

Beyond that point, the video only got funnier by the moment.

Megan next brought out her Too Faced highlighter. As her dad claimed, the product is for adding a bit more face to people who obviously lacks it.

Well, basically that’s not true, but people would not be able to stop themselves from laughing.

As for the brow gel, Megan’s dad claimed that Megan did not like hers so she’s making them darker, as shown in video. Megan’s dad freaked out a bit when he heard about the word “naked.” It turned out that Megan was just taking out her Naked eye-shadow palette. Then, he proceeded on narrating how Megan uses only a couple of colors in the palette because it is very expensive but casually mentioned in Megan’s persona not to tell her dad because buying the palette was such a waste.

A lot of people could relate to that since most of them really do use just some of shades in the palette.

Megan’s father also mentioned how Megan utilized blush and highlighter to show her cheekbones, which were already remarkable before makeup application.

The video concluded with the dad mentioning that the spray Megan was using was set to cool her off.

The video is outright funny, especially since Megan’s father was being creative in trying to make up for his lack of knowledge in cosmetics. People should check out Megan’s channel and watch the video.