Gel Nail Manicures: To Gel Or Not To Gel?

Gel nail manicures are one of the current trends in nail fashion industry. In fact, most customers will be considering having such service during their appointments in the nail salon. However, this extra service also comes with an additional cost, so a number of people are wondering whether they really want gel nail manicures, especially when they are not aware of what is going on with their nails.

There are number of benefits that can be attributed to gel nail color compared with traditional nail polishes. Thus, it is better if clients learn a thing or two about them to help them decide whether to take such service during their next meeting with their nail technicians. Likewise, people will be thrilled to know that there are already some developments made on gel nail polish technology, and these advances can help people in applying their own gel nail polish at home.



In any traditional nail service, at least four layers of coats are applied onto the nail. These layers include the base coat, two layers of nail polish (there could be more in case of nail arts), and top coat. In traditional nail manicure, the top coat is normally a clear layer of lacquer that serves to protect the nail polish. The top enamel also keeps the nails shiny and protect them from chipping. Top layer polishes are manufactured using resins and solvents and are thus capable of bonding with polish molecules. Some top coats are formulated to be fast-drying, however, most of the time, clients should wait least 20 minutes for the nails to feel dry to the touch and another three hours for complete drying. As a result, clients are in danger of damaging or denting their newly painted nails when reaching for their pockets.

In the case of gel nail, application may be a little different and drying time may also vary depending on the type of manicure. Straight up gel nail which is cured using a lamp, and gel-like nail polish is air-dried. Gel nail manicures normally requires three coats: base coat, nail color, and gel top coat. Gel nails are dried using a UV nail lamp or LED lamp and thus tend to dry faster. Meanwhile, some UV gel brands require curing color and top coat layer for two minutes each later. People should try essie gel, which requires 30 seconds to try the color coat. On the other hand, its top coat should be allowed to dry for 1 minute. When using LED lamps, the resulting gel finish is hard and crystalline and drying process only takes several minutes.


Compared with traditional manicure, gel nail polishes have longer life times because of the base formula used in gel nail polishes. Gel nail polishes are normally produced with photo-reactive systems that works with artificial light during curing and forms bonds that are relatively stronger than nail enamels. For instance, essie gel nail products are known for lasting for up to two weeks. Thus, it is perfect for people who are about to embark on a journey but are contemplating to have their nails done first. Gel nail polishes are also perfect for spending time on beaches because the nails are protected from abrasion caused by the sand. Gel nail polishes will serve well when people are wanting to give their nails more professional look for business purposes.


Gel nail polishes are also known for making nail radiant and glossy like jewels. The top coat appears as glossy encasing of the nails. Moreover, the formula used in manufacture of gel nail polish ensures that top coat remains shiny for a long period of time. Top coat is prevented from dulling, and nails remain looking good as new. Thus, gel nail polishes are perfect for people who constantly worry that their nails may look old after some time.



People may also do their own gel nail manicure by using gel-like nail colors. These products are formulated with benefits that are associated with gel nail manicure. The only difference between gel-like nail colors and gel nail polishes is that the former does not require using a UV lamp during drying.


This product is one of the newest top coat brands that people can easily use to give their nails gel-like shine. In addition, this polish has longer lifetime compared with traditional top coat polishes. Moreover, people need not to use any lamp just to dry the Essie gel setter. Using this type of top coat also results in nails having rich protective coat but are the same time, appear with shiny finish that is comparable to nail-salon-provided service. Essie gel setter is also compatible for use with a variety of Essie nail colors.


For those who want to have variety of choices to choose from, then they should try the Essie Gel Couture. This product comprises two-step system, from where users can choose from 42 shades of Essie’s couture nail polish. The shares are all streak-free and provide the glossiness that can only be attributed to Essie products. The Essie gel couture benefits people in two ways. It has staying power of gel nail polishes and can be easily used at home.

People will face no trouble when they start using Essie gel couture. They should start with cleansing their nails using polish remover then apply their preferred shade of Essie gel couture. Moreover, the easy part is that they do not need to apply a base coat anymore. Afterward, they can add another coat to make the color more saturated. The last step involves applying essie’s high gloss top coat to ensure that nail color is protected and sealed. Top coat is quick-dry and may last for 14 days, thus ensuring that nails look amazing for a couple of weeks.

In summary, gel nail polishes are something that people should try if they want to have longer-lasting but amazing-looking nails. There are gel nail polishes or gel-like nail products that can be applied to their nails during their next appointment in the nail salon. However, if they prefer it, they can accomplish gel nail manicure at home with gel-like nail polishes. The process is quite simple, and they need not to be professional or use equipment, such as UV lamps, to finish the task.