Pros And Cons Of Your Favourite Hair Removal Methods

During summers, what people can mostly think of is when they should call for an appointment for waxing session. However, unbeknownst to a lot of individuals, there are other ways by which they can remove unwanted body hair just in time for the hot weather.

Though people have various options to remove unwanted hair from the body, each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Surprisingly, when compared with other hair removal methods, it seems that waxing has more disadvantages than advantages.


Waxing is normally used to remove extra hair on the brows and some facial hair. However, more and more people are preferring other methods as time goes by.

Likewise, people are discouraged from waxing unwanted hairs at home to avoid making a mess of themselves. Instead, they should just seek the help of professionals for their waxing needs. There are also some hygiene issues related to waxing. In relation to these, people should ensure that their therapist only use fresh stick when applying wax on their body to prevent double dipping and contamination.


With waxing, hair tends to regrow with smooth tapered end, and as a result, the hair feels smooth when touched. Waxing is also recommended for removing fine hairs that are not prone to ingrown.


Waxing process can be very painful given that a number of hairs are pulled from the skin at the same time. Moreover, some people are prone to suffering from irritation afterward. In some cases, other clients are sensitive and prone to having ingrown hairs.

The effectiveness of waxing lies on the amount of regrowth that will be removed. Thus, it is not recommended for people have less hair to remove.

Waxing also serves as stimulant to hair follicles in the body. As consequence, the new hair that will grow afterward may be thicker. With regard to this, some people experience having darker hair or lower bikini line because of waxing.


Laser is one of the more recent methods used in hair removal. In this procedure, laser is used to remove hairs starting from the root. Laser hair removal results in permanent hair reductions because it is aimed at destroying hair follicles in the body. However, when undergoing laser hair removal treatment, people should be careful regarding the facility that they choose.


Laser hair removal is perfect for those who want to remove their hair permanently or for those who have coarse/dark hair.

Before the treatment, a person should shave his hair. Some people may claim that the procedure is quite expensive, however, its long-term results are very notable.


Laser hair removal is not recommended for people with fine or fair hair. In addition, the treatment is more effective in pigmented hair, as the laser tracks the pigment in hair before it can reach hair roots. Laser hair removal is recommended during winter season, the time when skin is fair. The procedure should not be performed during summers because tanned skins are prone to laser burns and laser may be ineffective in correctly targeting hair follicles.

Given that it tracks pigments, tanned individuals are not allowed to undergo laser hair removal treatments.

Though generally characterized to be less painful when compared with waxing, some clients suffer from discomfort during the treatment.

On the other hand, laser hair removal may cause skin burns and cause permanent discoloration or scarring. In this regard, people are advised to consult a dermatologist first before subjecting their skin to lasers.


Nowadays, people can shave their hair using modern shaving tools, including those with flexible razor heads, moisture glide ribbons, multiple blades, and other modifications that are developed for various skin types.

These developments enable removal of hair that leaves the skin silky smooth and without any rashes, nicks, and cuts, which are usually incurred with traditional shaving tools.


Shaving is accomplished in no time, efficient, pain-free, and inexpensive. Moreover, hair follicles are safe from distortion because shaving only cuts the hair at skin surface. In return, skin is less prone to ingrowing hairs. Moreover, any individual can accomplish the task even at home.


Shaving is incapable of removing hairs starting from the roots. Thus, people may be forced to shave their hair every couple of days. For those who have fast growing hair, shaving is necessary everyday.

Growing hair may also form stubbles because of their blunt tips.