The Return Of The 80’s Perm!

With various development in hair styling, it seems that some previously famous styles are making their return. In fact, some salon owners recently experienced having customers asked for a perm. And the salon personnel were left with their jaws almost hanging. Such reaction is not surprising since perm has been absent from salon services for a while now.

As a result, salon owners realized that perms may become popular again in the coming years, and they have decided to start offering such services after 2016.

Interest in perms was sparked by people to have voluminous and texture hair. However, this style is still quite different from the tight and highly treated curls that were very famous during the 1980s and 1990s.

At present, texture is the primary goal of people when having their hair permed. People nowadays aim to add more texture to their hair, and notably, not everyone is born with naturally textured strands. In this modern period, modern wavy hair style is more focused on hair movement and gives less importance on tight curls.

In addition, there have been some developments regarding solutions that are used in perming. Such products are now gentler and do not use much ammonia, which tends to damage and dry the hair. Meanwhile, there are stylists who prefer to make waves using larger rods. Moreover, according to some experienced stylists, perming is not really that unhealthy for the hair. However, to achieve the most optimum results people should focus on properly caring for their hair before and after treatment.

Any chemicals that are used on their hair are bound to lead some drastic results. However, hair damages caused by perming can be minimize by conditioning and cleaning the hair properly. Notably, women, who are common perm customers, feel that their hair are more natural after perming when treatment is partnered with proper care and cleansing practices.

Some perm experts claim that a number of women come to them to achieve wavy looks for their hair, though this practice may also be used in acquiring different hair styles. For instance, some customers may like having beachy waves, afros, or super curly hairs.

On the other hand, owing to negative reputation of perming from before, some salons have opted to rebrand the treatment. Some hair care facilities now call perm as American Wave, and the services includes using ammonia-free techniques. “Body wave” and “modern wave” are also popular terms used to denote perming services.

In some cases, women realized that perming results do not last that long, and thus, salons are currently looking for more permanent means for achieving results of perming, especially when a number of Hollywood stars always have permed hair styles when they walk the red carpet.

For some years now, people are aiming for modern beach wave look, which is obtained usually using wide-barrel curling iron or specific brush and blow-dry techniques. And as this style became more popular, women started thinking that their must look like that multiple times.

Still, though perm is currently starting to make waves again, some people think that this trend will not continue in the long run. As other hair stylists claim, such service requires long-term commitment and is bound to cause structural changes in the hair. In return, these stylists prefer looking for alternative methods for adding volume and curling hair. These methods include some shampooing techniques, using curling wands, blow-dry methods.

Still, the fate of perm remains unclear. Whether such hairstyle will stick around is still to be seen in the coming years.