You’ve always wanted to travel but you don’t know where to start. You want to go on a vacation and enjoy the best of what other countries have to offer, not just their tourist attractions. But how do you even get started? 

How can you make sure that your first time traveling is as enjoyable as possible without any hiccups or surprises? Well, it turns out that there are many things that could potentially go wrong during a trip – from lost baggage, getting mugged by locals at night, running into an old flame who still has feelings for you – and these happenings can really put a damper on your experience. Luckily for all newbie travelers out there who would rather be safe than sorry, this guide will talk you through some of the essentials that have been tried and tested by other first-timers before.

Before You Touch Your Bag…

There are certain things that you need to prepare before you leave for your trip. It’s always wise to know how much money you need to take with you (or if it is absolutely necessary to bring any cash at all). Another important thing to plan in advance would be your accommodation; do you want to stay in a hotel, or camp at one of the world’s most scenic destinations? It is also important to know how much and what kind of luggage you will need. You don’t want too little or too much baggage as both can easily throw off your itinerary.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling

You have your bag packed, your ticket booked and you’ve got enough cash to last until the end of the trip. The only thing that’s left is to check out travel websites that will give you an idea on what you should or shouldn’t do when visiting a certain place. For example, don’t wear shorts and flip-flops in Europe (even in the summer) and put your valuables in a money belt. Aside from that, be courteous to the locals; don’t overcharge taxi drivers who already have enough tourists ripping them off. Be friendly with strangers and offer to take their pictures when they want a snap with that incredibly photogenic cat on the street.

It’s time to Go!

Once everything is prepared, you can now start packing your things up and finding some travel buddies who would like to go on this adventure with you. It’s always fun to have someone share the experience of your first trip with (just make sure to keep your group small). But before you get on the plane, don’t forget to check out the current warnings about your destination. Some countries are more dangerous than others; make sure that you bring enough anti-malarials if you’re visiting an area where malaria is prevalent.

It can be pretty overwhelming trying to prepare for your first trip because there are just so many things you have to think about, but once you get into the groove, it’ll be like second nature. All that’s left is to enjoy yourself and take in all the sights!

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